Ethanol Testing Kits - Which is the Best?

What is an Ethanol Tester?

An ethanol tester is a device designed to measure the percentage of ethanol blended in gasoline. These kits can range from basic plastic bottles with measurement lines to more sophisticated glass tubes with precise graduation marks.

Who Needs an Ethanol Tester?

Anyone with a vested interest in the performance and longevity of their engine can benefit from an ethanol tester. This includes car enthusiasts with performance-tuned engines, mechanics, and even everyday consumers in regions with variable ethanol blend ratios.

Benefits of Using Ethanol Testing Kits

Using an ethanol testing kit ensures that the fuel you're putting into your vehicle is within the required specifications, thus avoiding potential engine damage and inefficiencies.


Here's our Review of 3 Popular Ethanol Testing Kits


RevX - Super Tester - Ethanol Testing Kit



  1. Simple and Effective: Many users found the kit easy to use and effective in testing ethanol content in gasoline.
  2. Fast and Convenient Delivery: Some customers appreciated the quick shipping and ease of receiving the product.
  3. Accurate Readings: Several users reported accurate readings that matched other professional tools or met their expectations.


  1. Poor Quality Material: Numerous reviews criticized the plastic material and the reliance on a sticker for measurements, leading to durability concerns.
  2. Sticker Issues: The sticker quality was a common complaint, with issues like peeling, misalignment, and damage from gasoline exposure.
  3. Price Concerns: Many users felt the product was overpriced for its simplistic design, suggesting it should cost less given its materials and construction.

Boost Monkey - E-85 Fuel Test Kit - Ethanol Percentage Sample Test:    



  1. Glass Construction: The use of glass in the kit was appreciated by users for its perceived durability and quality.
  2. Ease of Use: Users found the kit easy to operate, with some appreciating the inclusion of droppers for precision.
  3. Accurate Results: Several reviews noted the kit provided accurate measurements of ethanol content, meeting users' expectations.


  1. Sticker Durability: Similar to RevX, the sticker quality was a concern, with reports of it peeling off.
  2. Limited Measurement Range: Some users were disappointed that the kit couldn't measure lower ethanol percentages, limiting its versatility.
  3. Difficulties in Use: Challenges with filling the tester directly from the pump and the size of the opening were mentioned as drawbacks.

Samorillo - Wide Mouth - Re-usable Ethanol Testing Kit:



  1. Easy to Use: The kit was consistently praised for its simplicity and ease of use, even for beginners.
  2. Durable Construction: The thick plastic and well-made components were noted as positive aspects, offering longevity and reliability.
  3. Wide Mouth Design: The large opening of the bottle was appreciated for its convenience in adding fuel and water without spills.


  1. Size Concerns: While the wide mouth was generally seen as a positive, some users felt the overall size of the bottle was larger than necessary.
  2. Potential for Inaccuracy: A few users expressed concerns about the potential for inaccuracy, although this was not a widespread issue.
  3. Price versus Quality: Some reviews suggested that while the product was good, the price might be high considering the simplicity of the design.


How to Use Ethanol Testing Kits

Fortunately, using ethanol testing is easy to use! The process typically involves adding a measured amount of water to the bottle, topping it off with gasoline, and then shaking the mixture. After it settles, the separation line indicates the ethanol content.

Real-world Applications and User Experiences

Real-world users from mechanics to everyday consumers have found these kits useful for verifying the quality of fuel they purchase, ensuring their vehicles and equipment run optimally.


Each ethanol testing kit has its strengths and potential drawbacks. The choice between them will depend on your specific needs, such as the desire for a glass versus plastic tester, the importance of durability, or the convenience of a wider mouth for filling. As with any product, balancing cost against functionality and quality is key to making the best decision for your engine performance needs, but we think you can't go wrong with either of these 3 options.