What is the Best DPF Cleaner and Does DPF Cleaner Work? - Our Recommendations

What is the Best DPF Cleaner and Does DPF Cleaner Work? - Our Recommendations

We recommend the following 3 DPF cleaners that we believe stand out in the market.

  1. Archoil's Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, excels in improving engine performance and fuel efficiency. Our top choice.
  2. Motor Power's DPF Foam Cleaner, offers a deep foam clean for tough soot and debris. Our 2nd choice. 
  3. Atom Ex's DPF Cleaner and Restorer, promises to revitalize your filter for prolonged life and effectiveness. Our 3rd choice.


We're going to explore what is DPF cleaner, how DPF cleaner works, its effectiveness, and provide our top recommendations for products that we believe are your best bet.

What is DPF Cleaner?

Diesel Particulate Filter cleaners are chemical solutions designed to help clean the DPF in diesel engines. The DPF plays a vital role in reducing emissions by trapping soot and exhaust particulates. Over time, these filters get clogged and need regeneration – a process where the trapped soot is burned off at high temperatures.

DPF cleaners contain chemicals that lower the combustion temperature of soot, aiding in this cleaning process. When added to the fuel, these cleaners help in both passive and active regeneration, ensuring that your DPF functions efficiently and reduces the risk of costly repairs.

Does DPF Cleaner Work?

The short answer is yes, but with some caveats. DPF cleaners are effective in maintaining the DPF and aiding in its regeneration, particularly in vehicles often used for short trips where the engine doesn’t reach the high temperatures needed for natural soot burn-off. However, their effectiveness can vary based on the vehicle’s condition, driving habits, and the type of cleaner used.

In cases of heavily blocked DPFs, a chemical cleaner might not suffice, and professional intervention may be required. Regular use of a good quality DPF cleaner can prevent such extreme clogging and extend the life of your DPF.

Our Top DPF Cleaner Recommendations

  1. Archoil - Diesel Fuel System Cleaner: This cleaner is renowned for its ability to enhance fuel efficiency and clean the DPF effectively.
    Get it here. 4.6 Stars, 4,000+ Reviews.

  2. Motor Power - DPF Foam Cleaner: Known for its deep-cleaning foam action, it's a great choice for a thorough DPF cleansing.
    Get it here. 4.3 Stars, 230+ Reviews.

  3. Atom Ex - DPF Cleaner and Restorer: Excellent for restoring the efficiency of your DPF, this cleaner is a favorite among many diesel vehicle owners.   Get it here. 4.1 Stars, 530+ Reviews.

How to Use DPF Cleaners Effectively

  • Regular Use: Incorporate the use of DPF cleaners into your regular maintenance routine. Using them every few thousand miles can significantly improve the health of your DPF.

  • Follow Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on dosage and frequency of use.

  • Combine with Good Driving Practices: While DPF cleaners are helpful, combining their use with appropriate driving practices like occasional long drives at steady speeds can enhance their effectiveness.

A Word of Caution

While we stand by our recommendations and believe that DPF cleaners generally do an effective job, it's important to approach their use with a balanced perspective. The effectiveness of these products can vary depending on how well a vehicle has been used and maintained—or in some cases, neglected. It's impossible to guarantee universal success with DPF cleaners because each vehicle's history and maintenance routine are unique. However, considering the relatively low cost of these products, we believe it's worth trying them out. The potential improvement in fuel efficiency alone, even if it's just a few extra miles per gallon, can quickly offset the cost of the cleaner. In essence, while DPF cleaners are not a cure-all solution, they are a low-risk investment that could lead to significant benefits for your diesel engine's performance and longevity.

Final Thoughts

DPF cleaners are a valuable tool for maintaining the health of your diesel vehicle's particulate filter. While they are not a magic solution for all DPF issues, regular use can prevent severe clogging and improve your vehicle's efficiency and emission profile.

Remember, the key to a healthy DPF is not just in the cleaner you use, but also in how you drive and maintain your vehicle. Choose a cleaner that suits your vehicle’s needs and driving habits, and combine this with good driving practices for the best results.