About Fuel Stickers

Our Story

We like to work hard, be outside, and experience the world full throttle, so we needed to protect the gear that makes it happen. We designed commercial-grade stickers to do just that. We are on a mission to evolve from the basic and provide American Made quality that contractors, outdoor enthusiasts, and homeowners alike could benefit from.

We Believe in Durability

Fuel Stickers. It seems so simple, right? Not so fast. Far too many times our customers are let down by low quality labels failing them at-home or on-the-job.

We've dedicated ourselves (hence the name) to carefully and strategically design commercial grade, all-purpose labels. We took no shortcuts as we focused one layer at a time, using proprietary best-in-class materials designed to hold up under the toughest and most grueling work environments.

Every label Is Manufactured in the USA with commercial-grade adhesives, vinyl, and protective coatings.