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About Us

The Fuel Stickers Promise

We like to work hard, be outside, experience the world and to go for it, well, we needed to protect the gear that makes it happen. And designed commercial-grade stickers to do just that, with some of the most amazing, experienced people we could find.

Our journey began, we were about to set out on a venture we couldn't of dreamed of. In an industry unknown to us we felt activated, electrified... and well, terrified. Could we really swing this? Could we actually evolve the fuel sticker? With uncertainty abound, we set out to uncover unyielding materials, revolutionary American manufacturing techniques and a commitment to slapping fuel stickers to new heights.

We rapidly fell in love with the entire ecosystem unfolding and even more so with the narratives and stories behind every person getting after it with Fuel Stickers.

A gigantic hug to everyone supporting and believing in us through the years. Happy fueling.