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Weed Killer - Warning Stickers for Various Sprayers - 6"x2" - 2 Pack - by Hazard Series


Get organized, efficient & safe

When your crew doesn't skip a beat, your business doesn't either. Our Weed Killer Warning stickers are designed to be highly visible in all conditions – at the jobsite, in the shed, or anywhere where safety matters.

Rigorously tested for durability

In all weather conditions, our Weed Killer labels are designed to permanently adhere to even the most uneven and diverse surfaces. We believe no one should have to compromise on quality and neither should you. So get after it, we got your back.

Made For The Jobsite

Industrial, Smart, & Fuel Proof™ 

When your crew doesn't skip a beat, your business doesn't either. Our commercial grade FUEL STICKERS™ are designed to be highly visible in all conditions – in the field, at the shop, and at the station.

We know what it means to sacrifice for our investments, the type of the long-term quality that always pays off in the end. We believe no one should have to compromise on quality and neither should you. So get after it, we got your tank.

Job-Site Ready
Contractor Approved
American Made
Commercial-Grade Quality

Rigorously tested for durability

In all weather conditions, our commercial grade FUEL STICKERS™ are designed to adhere to even the most uneven and diverse surfaces. 

Multi-Surface Adhesive
Scuff Coating
Gas & Chem Guard
Rain, Snow & UV Guard
Money-Back Guarantee

Our Guarantee, Our Promise

Our products not only save motors, they save investments, careers & lives. We promise to always respect & take pride in our products by offering a 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee. If you are in any way unsatisfied, contact us, we got your tank.

A Long Lasting Legacy

Our Fuel Stickers are made from commercial grade materials that are designed to withstand chemicals and weather damage. Protect your equipment and your legacy by being Fuel Proof™.

All-Weather Proof

Gasoline, chemicals, rain, sleet and snow don't stand a chance against our rugged Fuel Stickers.

Faster Turnarounds

Organized Efficiency = More Profit
The quicker you and your crew can refuel and get out there, the quicker everyone goes home with a fat paycheck

Protected Investments

You sacrifice a lot for your vehicles, equipment, and business. Don't skimp on the easiest "set it & forget it" insurance policy money can buy. Your wallet will thank you.

Quality First, Fuel in Seconds

Commercial grade all-weather adhesives and coatings make sure our stickers stay stuck. We offer a 1 Year Money-Back Warranty to boot!

What our customers are saying

Fuel Stickers LIVE on our lawn & garden team's tanks. They get slammed and covered with gas daily & I can't complain. They're definitely still doing their job

We go to the lake about four times a year and our tanks in the shed get tons of abuse from our four kids. These decals are still on there after 3 years. Will purchase again. 

I'm a coordinator at Savanna tree trimming company (name removed) and can't thank yal enough for these things. They've saved our new-hire's behinds more than once! lol